Crystal Therapy uses gemstones to re-align and re-balance your energy. As each crystal carries a particular vibration, they help to influence and increase the flow of energy in and around your body. This in turn will help you to feel better in yourself, it may give your energy levels a boost or lift and strengthen your spirits.

The gentle energy of crystals can benefit body, mind and spirit. As Albert Einstein is reported to have said:

Everything in life is vibration

In my understanding the human body is an energy field. This field of energy can develop ‘imbalances’. Imbalances may manifest in various ways, sometimes causing temporary health problems and sometimes longer lasting ones.

What happens during a Crystal Therapy session?

A crystal therapy session is tailor-made and aims to increase your sense of well-being. Following a consultation with you about your presenting concerns, medical background, lifestyle and expectations from treatment, we talk about how to proceed with your crystal treatment in one or several sessions.

Then you would settle on a treatment couch. You may choose to listen to relaxing music and, if you wish, be covered by a blanket. You could follow a guided meditation to help you ease into the session.

During the treatment you might find yourself in a more relaxed state – just trust this process.  There might be feelings of warmth, a feeling of release and a sense of peace and calm. Some people see colours or become aware of other impressions on their mind as it will focus on their inner world. There might be gentle physical sensations such as a tingling, fleeting sensations in various parts of the body as it responds to the healing energy of the crystals.

The treatment will last about 45 mins and afterwards we will have time for reflection.

There will be crystals available to purchase and I might suggest ways of using them to help you along your journey.