"I had my first past life regression with Maud today. As soon as I saw her, her presence was calming and I felt at ease. Maud is extremely skilled at explaining the process and getting you into a relaxed state of mind. My body felt like there was no gravity at one point. We delved into two past lives and they gave me so much knowledge and insight into my current life as well. I even discovered why I was here in this life and what I should strive to achieve. It is safe to say, I will be back again. Thank you for your time, Maud. Amazing skills - Chantelle"

"I chose to receive PLR as I felt I had become stuck by loss in my life and an inablility to move forward. Through the experience I gained insight into my challenges as a healer and being able to let go of that role in my life in the knowledge 'I had done enough'. I was able to accept my path in life and that not all will be able to be with me on my path in life, enabling me to let go of people that are no longer needed, leading me to acceptance of love and life. I felt completely safe and I was able to remain in my home to complete the session. Excellent." Lisa

"I found my Past Life Regression experience with Maud fascinating and quite amazing! After the regression session I researched the information that showed up and found corresponding information to the times and experience! Maud was happy to answer all my queries and explained things in a straightforward and understandable way. A very interesting experience." Maxine

"I had this done and it was amazing. I went back in my mind to 3 different places. It is very interesting and insightful. It gave me an insight, too, into the way I am living my life now. Maud is a very professional therapist who guides you through every step." Lorraine

"You can recognise people from your present as part of your past, playing a different role, but still keeping that connection after we move on... There is a great deal of comfort to be had in knowing that the people you love in this life remain connected to you and no-one really dies." Ashley

"Great experience. I gained so much confidence in me. Highly recommend Maud." Claudia

"From the beginning Maud was very comforting and assuring, especially considering this was my first time. She made sure that I understood that I could welcome any experiences, which put me at ease from the start. Overall, I found the Past Life Regression very worthwhile, as it provided me with several insights after the session and Maud at the end helped me connect some dots. Along with her very relaxing voice and calming presence I would definitely recommend this service." Tipo

"I had a Past Life Regression with Maud today. Her voice is like a soft lullaby making you feel safe and relaxed enough to go very quickly into hypnosis. The way she took me under was like a beautiful story being told which I could visualise very easily. She guided me through a past lifetime with ease, asking relevant questions to garner as much information as we could. I felt she was very skilled at helping me at soul level to heal, it didn't feel like therapy, it felt like an easy and free flowing conversation, all whilst under hypnosis. I felt great after my session with Maud and would thoroughly recommend her as a Past Life Regression therapist." Victoria

"Maud is a PLR Therapist with a diverse knowledge in being holistic. She is analytical and logical and works to create a deeper healing experience to assist your inner journey. I highly recommend her." Lesley

"When the wonderful Maud took me back in hypnosis to the life of Eric, I was surprised to notice how easily I could visualise the features of the lifetime. Maud has a special ability at allowing you to gradually arrive into the lifetime vision which really helped me. Seeing and understanding the life and lessons of Eric brought key wisdom to realise in this lifetime. I was a Canadian beaver pelt trader and had a life of love, adventure and a beautiful time living in the Costa Rican/Panamese rainforest among the native people with the same woman who is my current partner in this lifetime. It was truly a beautiful encounter and very much affirmed an even greater depth to our current romantic connection. I was brought into the in-between-life-state to reflect on the lessons of the lifetime and what the purpose of my subconscious showing me this life was. Thank you so much Maud for your patience, warmness and perfect guidance into this past life." Giles