Thank you for your interest in Past Life Regression. Past Lives give us fascinating insights into ourselves. Maybe we simply want to find out whether, indeed, we had any past lives. Maybe we feel an affinity with a particular period in history – the Romans, the Vikings, the Victorians  – and would like validation that we indeed lived in that time? There are a million and one reasons why you might be interested in investigating a past life. I would just like to encourage you to go for it. Past Life regression is not only interesting and fascinating but worthwhile for its potential for inner balance.

What clients say:

“Seeing and understanding the life and lessons of Eric brought key wisdom to realise in this life time.”, Giles

“I found the Past Life Regression very worthwhile, as it provided me with several insights”, Tipo

“Great experience. I gained so much confidence in me.” Claudia

Past Life Regression has great therapeutic value beyond the excitement of knowing a past life persona. It is a process where you explore a past life within the context of a therapy session. Under hypnosis you become aware of significant experiences in a previous lifetime. One way or another these still resonate in our present life.

“It is very interesting and insightful. It gave me an insight, too, into the way I am living my life now.”, Lorraine

If we think of ourselves as a soul rather than a person, Past Life Regression can truly inspire and empower our lives. The thinking underpinning Past Life Regression Therapy is, that our soul’s journey is governed by patterns of learning and growing through occupying different bodies. Through Past Life Regression we might come to realise that personality traits and talents accumulate over the course of life times. Sylvia Browne, for example, stated that Jimi Hendrix was a gifted musician in almost all of his 39 lifetimes.

Our soul’s journey culminates in the present moment as Past lives keep resonating in our current life, in our strengths and weaknesses.

“I love books. It pleased me tremendously, that in a previous incarnation I saw my life and work as a Professor of Philosophy surrounded by books”, Maud

Past Life recall may also help uncover that certain fears, imbalances or patterns of limited thinking were created in previous incarnations. The amazing awareness that we gain from that can enable our subconscious mind to stop holding on to that memory, and in that, it starts to adjust and heal what no longer serves us in our present lives. Our subconscious mind helps us to release certain limitations and that is very liberating.

“After the group regression some reported to have lost lifelong phobias. A majority of volunteers stated that they had lost their fear of death.” From the works of the Psychologist and Scientist Dr Helen Wambach

The person who is guided through the ups and downs of a previous life, explores their experiences from a basic point of view of feeling calm and safe. Hypnotherapy is used to induce a pleasant meditative state. From that state of mind, the client can witness their previous life, knowing he or she is safe.

“It was nice and relaxing.”, Lorraine

“I felt great after my session with Maud”, Victoria

What exactly they become aware of is different for each person. A previous life may turn out to be pleasant or more intense and tumultuous. The feelings that are induced in the client are screened by their conscious mind for suiting the person’s need for understanding.

“I was heavily involved in fighting in a battle as a Roman soldier. I saw my brother-in-arms next to me on the ground, dead. I felt so sad. However, I was witnessing the battle scene like on a screen.”, Maud

I would like to just point out the life’s work of three scientists:

In the early 1960s some well-known research was conducted by a Professor of Psychiatry, Dr.Ian Stevenson, of the University of Virginia. In his career he documented 1000s of cases of young children who remembered their past lives without being prompted. He also found evidence of the actual person they remembered.

Another forerunner of Past Life Regression was the Psychologist and Scientist Dr Helen Wambach. She was the first to use hypnosis to investigate Past Lives in 100s of volunteers. Each volunteer had three Past Life Regressions, 70% remembered a past life. One significant outcome was, that their past lives exactly mirrored social strata – 10% upper classes, 20-30% middle classes and about 60% lower classes. The majority experienced very basic everyday lives. The type of death was mostly from old age or disease. About 80% experienced deep calm and peace after their death. In the weeks after the group regression some reported to have lost lifelong phobias. A majority of volunteers stated that they had lost their fear of death.

Another figure head of Past Life studies is Dr. Brian Weiss.

As a conventional Psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss had been working with a client called Catherine for 18months. Catherine suffered from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares and depression. When he decided to use Hypnotherapy, to his amazement, she began recalling past life traumas under hypnosis. Her first trauma was about her previous persona drowning. He writes: “One week later (she) bounced into my office … and happily announced that her lifelong fear of drowning had disappeared.” Through further Past Life Regression Catherine ‘visited’ more traumatic past lives and lost all of her symptoms within three and a half months. She experienced 11 lifetimes under therapy but revealed that she had 86 lifetimes altogether. 

In a Past Life Regression Therapy session we explore your previous persona's significant experiences, transition through death into the In-between-Life-State and gain insight into the lessons learned from that previous life. Finally, there is healing and releasing what still resonated from that previous life time and now no longer serves us. This can have a very liberating effect on our current life.